ML4SCI Google Summer of Code blog posts


This is a collection of blog posts from GSoC students who worked with ML4SCI.

Google Summer of Code 2021

"End-to-End Deep Learning Reconstruction for CMS Experiment" by Purva Chaudhari
"GSoC 2021 with ML4SCI | The NMR Project" by Anantha S. Rao
"Fantastic Google Summer of Code Experiences and How I Found them" by Anis Ismail
"Dimensionality Reduction for Galaxy Evolution" by Jakub Rybak
"GSoC 2021 with ML4Sci: Domain Adaptation for Decoding Dark Matter" by Marcos Tidball
"GSOC 2021 with ML4SCI | Deep Regression for Exploring Dark Matter" by Yurii Halychanskyi
"GSoC 2021 with ML4Sci | Equivariant Neural Networks for Classification of Dark Matter Substructure" by Apoorva Vikram Singh
"GSoC 2021 — Graph Neural Networks for Particle Momentum Estimation in the CMS Trigger System" by Emre Kurtoglu
"Machine Learning Model for the Planetary Albedo" by Sofia Strukova
"Building a Machine Learning Model for the Albedo of Mercury" by Giorgos Pipilis
"GSoC 2021 — Personal Experience (Working with ML4SCI)" by Ehsan
"GSoC 2021 with ML4Sci | Background Estimation with Neural Autoregressive Flows" by Sinan Gencoglu
"Google Summer of Code 2021" by Amey Varhade


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