Summary of GSoC 2023 Projects and Supervisors

Full List of Proposals

Deep Graph anomaly detection with contrastive learning for new physics searches
Deep Regression Techniques for Decoding Dark Matter with Strong Gravitational Lensing
Deriving planetary surface composition from orbiting observations from spacecraft
Diffusion Models for Fast Detector Simulation
End-to-End Deep Learning Reconstruction for CMS Experiment
End-to-End Deep Learning Regression for Measurements with the CMS Experiment
Equivariant Neural Networks for Dark Matter Morphology with Strong Gravitational Lensing
Equivariant quantum neural networks for High Energy Physics Analysis at the LHC
Expanding Strong Gravitational Lensing Simulations
Exploring the underlying symmetries in particle physics with equivariant neural networks
Fast Accurate Symbolic Empirical Representation Of Histograms
Finding Exoplanets with Astronomical Observations
Graph Neural Networks for End-to-End Particle Identification with the CMS Experiment
Graph Neural Networks for Particle Momentum Estimation in the CMS Trigger System
Graph Representation Learning for Fast Detector Simulation
Graph Transformers for Fast Detector Simulation
Gravitational Lens Finding for Dark Matter Substructure Pipeline
Identifying the Physical Process of Planet Formation
Implementation of Quantum Generative Adversarial Networks to Perform High Energy Physics Analysis at the LHC
Learning Parametrization with Implicit Neural Representations
Learning quantum representations of classical high energy physics data with contrastive learning
Learning the Latent Structure with Diffusion Models
Optimal Transport in High Energy Physics
Quantum Graph Neural Networks for High Energy Physics Analysis at the LHC
Quantum transformer for High Energy Physics Analysis at the LHC
Search for Strong Gravitational Lenses
Self-Supervised Learning for Strong Gravitational Lensing
Superresolution for Strong Gravitational Lensing
Symbolic empirical representation of squared amplitudes in high-energy physics
Transformers for Dark Matter Morphology with Strong Gravitational Lensing
Updating the DeepLense Pipeline
Vision Transformers for End-to-End Particle Reconstruction for the CMS Experiment